Want a perfect start to every day?

A mini spa treatment you can do in the privacy of your own bathroom?

Takes only five minutes?

Is fast, effective and comes with numerous health benefits?

The answer is ………..Dry Skin Brushing …………. A detox for your skin!!!

Why should you?

  • Reduce appearance of cellulite
  • Smoother, brighter skin
  • Helps muscle tone
  • Release toxins
  • Shed dead skin cells

How can you?

With a natural bristle brush on dry skin.  Starting at the feet, use an upward brushing stroke up the legs front and back and over the buttocks.  Gently brush over your stomach and chest.  Starting at your hands, brush up the arms and over your shoulders (include your armpits).  The back is a bit tricky, so do the best you can.  You can also lightly brush your neck and face.  (Avoid bruises, cuts, sunburn).   Follow up with an alternating hot & cold shower to invigorate.  Finish with the divine Organicspa Body Butter – intensely moisturising combining nourishing extracts of shea and cocoa butter to hydrate and heal.

What extra can I add?

Have a bit of extra time to indulge the skin with some more pampering.  After dry skin brushing use our Organicspa Body Salt Scrub.  Step into the shower moisten the skin and gently massage the salt scrub all over your body polishing your skin to perfection with the unique blend of fine sea salt and crushed macadamia seeds.  This scrub will remove dead skin cells and leave skin hydrated with the organic oils of jojoba and olive fruit.

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